Risk Intelligence System /MaRisk

For more than 10 years MaRisk has provided the maritime community with world-wide maritime security incidents alerts and country and sea zone threat assessments. 

MaRisk provides exactly the maritime security intelligence you need to plan and execute maritime operations within shipping, offshore, oil & gas activities.

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MaRisk subscription

A subscription to MaRisk includes:

  • A userfriendly and easy to navigate System
  • Global maps (including digital sea charts)
  • 24/7 incident updates
  • 24/7 piracy alerts of motherships or attack groups
  • Access to Risk Intelligence Duty Watch team for queries
  • Country and Area threat assessments
  • Statistics tool
  • Recommendations and guidance
  • Satellite fleet tracking integration as SAT AIS vessel position integration

All data within the system is carefully collected, analysed and systematically assessed by the Risk Intelligence analysts, the majority of whom have at least 10-15 years of experience. Our team is dedicated, resourceful and hard working and draws from international experience from diverse backgrounds.

"I find MaRisk to be one of my most important tools when assessing the day-to-day security situation in the areas where our vessels are located.

MaRisk is one of the first things I start up in the morning. The messages I receive through the system whenever there is an incident, in the area I have chosen, are very valuable for me. This feature enables me to keep myself updated even when not sitting by the computer. The information I get out of MaRisk is a very important part of my daily feedback to the Masters and SSO's on our vessels, as well as within the organisation ashore."

Captain Peter Jodin
Safety Manager/DPA CSO