Risk Intelligence System

One System. One solution. Maritime and port security intelligence.

Risk Intelligence System subscription

With a subscription to the Risk Intelligence System you get one easy to navigate solution for maritime and port security intelligence.


MaRisk provides exactly the maritime security intelligence you need to plan and execute maritime operations within shipping, offshore, oil & gas activities.

Since 2008 MaRisk has provided the maritime community with world-wide maritime security incidents alerts and country and sea zone threat assessments.

A subscription to MaRisk includes:

  • Global maps including digital sea charts
  • 24/7 incident updates
  • 24/7 piracy alerts of motherships or attack groups
  • Access to Risk Intelligence Duty Watch team for queries
  • Country and sea area threat assessments
  • Statistics, recommendations and guidance
  • Satellite fleet tracking integration as SAT AIS vessel position integration


PortRisk provides you with updated security intelligence on ports and terminals in medium and high risk areas around the World.

PortRisk is the first true port security assessment product and includes port and terminal security information and assessments of more than 200 specifically selected ports around the World.
All Ports have been assessed as part of a complex intelligence and information gathering project that incorporated onsite surveys of more than 20% of the ports on the system.

PortRisk includes:

  • Global maps (including digital sea charts)
  • Port data with IMO code, ISPS level etc.
  • Port risk, vulnerability and threat assessments
  • City threat assessments and guidance for crew changes
  • Country threat assessments
  • Facility security information
  • Security and emergency units information
  • Photos and maps

LandRisk (coming soon)

LandRisk is a soon to come product which will complement Risk Inteligence’s already existing products and services. The addition of LandRisk will ensure a complete supply chain security intelligence system, providing our customers with a single point of access for all relevant transportation, related security risk intelligence. Building on the vast experience and knowledge gained from MaRisk and PortRisk, LandRisk will encompass same features such as dynamic incident reporting 24/7, terminal security information and assessments, country and road threat assessments, and satellite fleet tracking integration.

LandRisk is expected to launch end Q3 2019.