Hans Tino Hansen - CEO

Hans Tino Hansen is founder and CEO of Risk Intelligence. He specialises in intelligence and maritime security risks for shipping, offshore, oil and gas companies. In addition, he has been advising a range of companies and governmental organisations at management level since 2001.

He has led the development of the “Four Circles Model” for understanding the impact of and inter-relation between terrorism, insurgency, organised crime and piracy. From 2005 the company started analysing piracy in general and Somalia and West African piracy in particular. During 2007 he started development of the web-based global maritime security risks monitoring solution, MaRisk, which today is used by a number of private companies operating more than 12 percent of the World merchant fleet and by navies around the World. 

He holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen. Prior to his studies he served in the Danish Army for two years and later in the army reserve for eight years.

He has contributed to books on maritime security and is consulted as a commentator by the international and Danish media. 

Henrik Ehlers Kragh - COO

Henrik is Chief Operating Officer and overall responsible for delivering products and services to our clients. 

Henrik has been with Risk intelligence since 2013. Before joining Risk Intelligence Henrik was Head of Anti-Piracy Coordination in Maersk Line and he has been working with complex maritime risk and security issues since 2007. Henrik is a graduate from the Danish General Joint Staff Course and before retiring as a major Henrik held a number of command and staff positions, among other as an analyst at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS).

Henrik holds an international Master in Disaster Management from Copenhagen and Lund universities. 

Jan Kragh Michelsen - Sales Director

Jan has been with Risk Intelligence since May 2018. Before joining Risk Intelligence Jan was Vice President at Cobham SATCOM, where he focused on strategic and global sales as well as being overall responsible for the global maritime business. He has over the years been deeply involved in delivering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to ship owners and ship managers globally.

Jan has previously worked within different sectors of the maritime industry; from sales management positions at leading maritime high-tech companies to assignments as commanding officer on costal patrol vessels. He is a Master Mariner graduate from Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) and hold an Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics from Copenhagen Business School. He is also a commissioned naval officer from the Royal Danish Navy. 

Dirk Steffen - Director of Maritime Security

Dirk Steffen is the Director of Maritime Security at Risk Intelligence. He manages projects ranging from shipboard security surveys to accompanying vessels in high risk areas. He is a proponent of intelligence-driven security for ships based on situational awareness, good tactical training and layered defensive measures.

Dirk served 12 years in the German Navy as a clearance diving and navigating officer on minehunters and as an instructor for ship divers. After leaving the navy in 2000 he worked on maritime security and oil & gas related projects in West and North Africa. He also retains a reserve commission as a Commander, which he exercises at the German Navy’s Fleet HQ in Glücksburg.

He holds a MA in Military Studies (Naval Warfare) from the American Military University.

Stefan Nonboe - Project Director

Stefan is Project Director at Risk Intelligence and he manages security projects related to shore based and offshore installation.

Before joining Risk Intelligence Stefan was partner and Director of Security projects in CUSTOS for almost 9 years, working with maritime security related projects.

Stefan served 18 years in the Danish Naval Special Forces – Frogman Corps - working primary with maritime counter terrorism (MCT) and before retiring he was head of the MCT unit in the Frogman Corps. 

Lisbeth Skjoedt - Admin and Communication Manager

Lisbeth manages the daily administration and communication tasks at Risk Intelligence, and is heading all web-based development projects. Lisbeth is also the main point of contact regarding all Risk Intelligence System Support, and maintenance of the Risk Intelligence web-sites. 

Lisbeth, who has been working for Risk Intelligence since 2010, holds a master's degree in history and communication. Before joining the Risk Intelligence Team she worked with film, television and advertising as a Producer and Project Manager. 

David Friesem - Director

David is a Director at Risk Intelligence and he leads various security projects related to Risk Intelligence Advisory Services business unit where he is responsible for delivering products and services to our clients. Furthermore, David holds responsibilities in sales and business development initiatives.

Before joining Risk Intelligence David served in the military forces and later acquired over 25 years of experience in international security with a strong combination of expertise in various aspects of security (maritime, aviation, homeland protection, and security technologies) as well as in international marketing, business development and sales. He has proven experience managing complex, multidisciplinary security engagements and is globally recognized as an expert in maritime security and anti-piracy issues.

David was an official advisor to delegations to the UN and IMO on issues relating to maritime security and piracy and had an active role in creation of international policies regarding vessel tracking and the use of armed guards on merchant vessels in the ongoing effort against piracy. 

Dr. Dirk Siebels - Senior Analyst

Dirk is a senior analyst and duty watch officer at Risk Intelligence. His research areas include maritime security issues in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily in West and Central Africa, and he presents regularly at academic and military research institutions on related topics.

Prior to joining Risk Intelligence, Dirk served as an officer in the German Navy and worked as a journalist and public relations consultant for several years, advising clients on media and crisis communication strategies. He holds a PhD from the University of Greenwich in London and an MA in International Studies from Durham University.

Dr. Guy Wilson-Roberts - MaRisk Manager

Guy is responsible for managing the assessment and analysis components of MaRisk. His own research areas include Oceania and East Asia, as well as transnational organised criminal groups operating in the maritime realm.

Prior to joining Risk Intelligence in 2010, Guy worked on energy security in the private sector, and was a policy advisor for the New Zealand Police and Ministry of Defence. He has a PhD in political science from the University of Auckland and worked in academia for a number of years following conferment. A dual New Zealand-Canadian citizen, he is based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Ian Wilkinson - PortRisk Manager

Ian is the PortRisk Manager at Risk Intelligence, he is responsible for the content and assessments of the ports. He is deployable and regularly visits ports and sea areas conducting on site surveys.

Before joining Risk Intelligence Ian was the Ops and Plans Manager at SALAMA FIKIRA in Nairobi, dealing with the provision of embarked security teams for both land based and seaborne tasks.

Ian served 27 years in the Royal Navy as an Electronic Warfare specialist, working in a wide variety of ships and shore establishments. Before leaving the service Ian was the UKs ‘in theatre’ Counter Piracy Analyst at the UKMCC in Bahrain and attended regular industry forums, as well as representing the UK at the ONI Illicit Activities and Counter Terrorism Conference in Washington. 

Niels Worsoe - LandRisk Manager

Niels is the manager of the LandRisk project at Risk Intelligence. He is responsible for the development and execution of the LandRisk application.

Before joining Risk Intelligence, Niels, worked as Deputy Company Security Officer and Senior Security Advisor at Maersk Line. In this position, Niels, was deeply involved not only in all daily operations and routines but also the long-term planning of projects and programs in the whole spectrum of maritime security.

Niels is a former Tactical Officer from the Danish Navy where he left with the rank of Commander. In his time in the Navy, Niels, held various positions in Naval Aviation, Naval SOF, Frigates and lastly as Project lead for Maritime Ballistic Missile Defense. Furthermore, Niels has specialized in the intelligence domain and have had several deployments as Head of intelligence branch. 

Jesper Melchior Hansen - DutyOps Manager

Jesper is responsible for the team that monitors the daily threat picture and produce incident reports and alerts for the Risk Intelligence System. He is also the point of contact for all clients on operational matters.

His responsibilities include making sure the Dutyops function is manned and the Dutyops email is monitored at all times. Part of his job is also to verify, assess and analyse the information gathered, together with the rest of the intelligence analysis team, before release on the System.

Jesper holds a Master’s degree in law from the university of Copenhagen and he is a captain in the Danish army reserve. 

Hans-Kristian Pedersen - Analyst

Hans-Kristian works as an analyst with Risk Intelligence, where his focus includes the Mediterranean and MENA countries. He is also the point of contact for interns and Secretary of the Risk Intelligence Advisory Board.

Hans-Kristian holds master’s degree in political science, from Durham University, United Kingdom. Previous work experience include the Danish Navy and analysis work in Nepal.