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One System. One solution. Maritime, port and land security intelligence in one integrated system.

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*Risk Intelligence reserves the right to refuse requests for free trials. Access is not granted to private individuals, academic researchers, security companies and the media. If you apply from a private email address (e.g. hotmail and gmail) you will not be granted access to the System.

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With a subscription to the Risk Intelligence System you get one easy to navigate solution for maritime, port and land-based security intelligence.  The Risk Intelligence System provides security risk intelligence for the complete supply chain in one integrated system with a single point of access:

  • 24/7/365 updated intelligence
  • Web based Risk Intelligence System (MaRisk, PortRisk and LandRisk)
  • Access to intelligence support from Duty Ops watch team
  • Independent, unbiased, intelligence-led advisory services on security threats and risks
  • Analysed threats from and interaction between piracy, organised crime, terrorism, insurgency and military conflicts since 2001