Do you want better situational awareness?

In the current volatile and uncertain operating environment, you want to know what is happening straight away. With Risk Intelligence you get real time intelligence on ports and terminals in medium and high-risk areas around the World.

Risk Intelligence System
The Risk Intelligence System is a fully integrated risk assessment and planning tool, providing valid, actionable intelligence to any fleet, in port or at sea, 24/7. With a subscription to the Risk Intelligence System you get one easy to navigate solution for maritime and port security intelligence. Read more about the Risk Intelligence System, MaRisk and PortRisk.

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Duty Watch

Subscribers to the Risk Intelligence System also have full access to Risk Intelligence Duty Watch.

Risk Intelligence Duty Watch provides our clients with one central point of contact for questions and feedback related to security incidents, alerts, threats or similar content on the Risk Intelligence System. The Duty Watch team will either respond immediately or relay the request to a relevant staff analyst. Response time may be longer if Risk Intelligence analysts are consulted.

The service is manned in several time zones including Central European Time (CET), Pacific Standard Time (PST), Singapore Time (SGT), providing nearly continuous cover 7 days a week. On weekdays you can expect a swift response by email to requests regarding operational matters in all time zones and during weekends in CET and PST within a few hours.

You will also have access to Risk Intelligence Duty Watch during your free trial of the Risk Intelligence System.

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Risk Intelligence reserves the right to refuse requests for free trials. Access is not granted to private individuals, academic researchers, security companies and the media. If you apply from a private email address (e.g. hotmail and gmail) you will not be granted access to the System.