Standardised products

  • Threat Assessments
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Onboard & Onsite Services
  • PMSC Due Diligence

Client benefits

  • A more confident and rigorous basis for decision making and planning to reduce the organisation’s exposure to security risks
  • Improved security risk management and reduction in loss and the cost of security risks, including commercial insurance premiums
  • More effective allocation and use of resources through a more focused approach to mitigation measures
  • Improved compliance with relevant legislation
  • Improved corporate governance and due diligence



Threat Assessments

A threat assessment is an in depth, analytical analysis of existing or future threats for specified client operations in a defined area or on a defined route. The threat assessment provides a basis for decision-making and contracting and can also be used to support or validate policymaking.

Risk Intelligence does not have standard threat assessments since threats change and must be updated.  

Security Risk Assessments

A thorough security risk assessment (SRA) is the basis for appropriate and cost-effective security measures aboard ships and in companies. Risk Intelligence has carried out countless risk assessment and consultancy projects for vessels preparing their transit through high risk areas and deployments to various regions of concern.

The reports generated from these activities have resulted in specific and plausible risk mitigation and avoidance recommendations, including the improvement or adaptation of training, procedures, management and physical security measures.

The SRA  consists of the overall process of security risk identification, analysis, and evaluation. Depending on the requisite depth of the assessment, a SRA report by Risk Intelligence may include the following information and analysis: Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Risk Analysis, Security Risk Evaluation and Recommendations.

Onboard & Onsite Services

Risk Intelligence offers a wide range of bespoke services to assist clients’ maritime security preparedness activities and to keep their employees and assets safe. Our experienced staff provides advice on how to prevent or delay criminal acts in order to provide additional time for a proper and relevant reaction to the threats should they manifest. Such advice includes recommendations for physical counter measures, procedures, communication and drills without compromising safety issues or daily work routines. The services delivered to clients include reports used for decision-making, instructions or guidelines used for on-board/on-site and briefings/training given to crew or management.

PMSC Due Diligence

Within this line of services Risk Intelligence also include Private Maritime Security Company PMSC Due Diligence Assessments. These unique due diligence assessments are available for existing clients only. Request to conduct vetting on or behalf of a PMSC are cordially declined to maintain the highest level of objectivity.