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Whitepaper: Shipping operations in the Persian Gulf

Shipping operations in the Persian Gulf

The attacks against tankers off Fujairah in May and in the Gulf of Oman in June had a direct impact on the threat to shipping operations in the Persian Gulf. More recently, a crude oil tanker reported harassment by Iranian naval boats, an apparent retaliation after a tanker carrying oil from Iran had been seized off Gibraltar.

Risk Intelligence has published a whitepaper which examines the events leading up to these incidents and provides a short analysis of the current situation. Several scenarios outline the potential impact on shipping operations in the Persian Gulf over the coming months, highlighting the need for contingency plans and relevant mitigation measures. These are needed for individual vessels, but also necessary on the company level and should be based on a comprehensive security risk assessment, including relevant threats, vulnerabilities and consequences.

The Risk Intelligence System

The Risk Intelligence System, which is a fully integrated, unrivalled risk assessment and planning tool, provides valid, actionable intelligence to any fleet 24/7. Our customers may mitigate risks by using the System’s data which is carefully collected, analysed and systematically assessed by Risk Intelligence’s regional analysts. Subscribers may seek additional assistance with the experienced operators in the Duty Ops watch team. The team is available to discuss all relevant operational security topics almost 24/7 and may provide valuable insights to assist your risk management efforts.

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Risk Intelligence also captures all the incidents in the month and summarizes the situation in a Monthly Intelligence Report. The information covers the Persian Gulf and other high risk areas and may prove useful for company reporting and internal briefings Follow the link and learn more about the  subscription to Risk Intelligence’s new Monthly Intelligence Reports.