Risk Intelligence System /LandRisk

By adding LandRisk to the existing Risk Intelligence System, you get access to a complete, integrated supply chain System that provides you with a single point of access for all relevant transport-related security risk intelligence in one integrated system.

LandRisk will be launched on 1 October 2019.


LandRisk subscription

LandRisk provides you up-to-date security intelligence of land-based supply chain and logistic operations around the world.

LandRisk includes:

  • Country and City threat assessments
  • Route planning tool
  • Integrated fleet tracking through API
  • 24/7 access to Risk Intelligence Duty Watch team
  • Incidents database

A free trial of LandRisk will be available from October 2019.

Request a free trial of LandRisk now. If you are eligible* to receive a free trial of LandRisk, we will set up the free trial for you to start on 1 October 2019. You get a free trial for two weeks.


Request Free Trial

*Risk Intelligence reserves the right to refuse requests for free trials. Access is not granted to private individuals, academic researches, security companies and the media. If you apply from a private email address (e.g. hotmail and gmail) you will not be granted access to the System.

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