Our Clients

Our clients include both maritime and non-maritime organisations. Among shipping companies they range from small specialised offshore shipowners to the largest shipowners in the world with multi-segmented fleets.

Clients are based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Chile and USA. 

Shipowners and ship managers

  • shipowners'
  • shipowners' associations
  • ship management companies

Offshore, oil and gas

  • offshore supply and tugs
  • offshore seismic survey
  • offshore subsea construction
  • offshore drilling companies
  • oil and gas companies

Underwriters and war risk

  • underwriters
  • war risk associations (mutual)
  • war risk insurers

Maritime organisations

  • consulting
  • classification
  • maritime authorities
  • flag administration
  • merchant officers associations
  • marine academies and training

Government and international organisations

  • navies
  • government ministries
  • defence departments
  • government agencies
  • international organisations
  • think tanks
  • academia


Risk Intelligence serves clients in the tanker, LNG/LPG, bulk carrier, car carrier, project cargo, container and heavy lift markets with a range of services that are shaped to meet their specific demands. Our clients in these markets operate more than 12% of the world fleet and are exposed daily to risks that need to be mitigated based on quality assessments. While some risks are universal to all types of trades, others are specific and need special analysis as well as an understanding of the client’s operations. An example is Somali piracy, which poses a general threat to nearly all trades. In contrast, hijackings for cargo theft off West Africa almost exclusively target product tankers. Another example is the mitigation of slow steaming risks, which is of particular relevance to container vessels.

Since 2004 Risk Intelligence has developed an understanding of various trades and types of vessels and has constantly developed these insights together with its clients. Our staff also bring additional experience from commercial shipping, security and naval operations. We have the expertise to offer bespoke advice to shipowners and managers globally. 

Offshore, Oil & Gas

The offshore, oil & gas sector is complex and demands an in-depth understanding of the complete extraction process – from initial seismic surveys, pre-production and construction, pipe laying, production, and maintenance of pipelines and wellheads. These operations each have their own distinctive risks and vulnerabilities. When conducted in medium and high-risk areas, where the threat is significant to severe, they demand special know-how and experience for successful risk mitigation. Risk Intelligence has carried out a wide range of security projects for offshore operations in the Middle East, East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. Our clients include a number of the largest oil & gas companies as well as a wide range of offshore companies from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

Since 2004 Risk Intelligence has developed an understanding of the different types of offshore operations and has constantly developed these insights together with its clients. Our staff also bring additional experience from offshore, commercial shipping, security and naval operations. We are therefore well placed to offer bespoke advice to offshore, oil & gas companies globally. 

Ports & Terminals

The security of ports and terminals is very distinctive from other maritime and ship-based operations and differs fundamentally in the assessment of threats, security risk mitigation and operational dynamics.

With the acquisition of CUSTOS in 2014 Risk Intelligence has added a wealth of experience in this field from port projects in Europe, Africa and Middle East since 2004. Risk Intelligence now offers a full range of services to assess the threats, vulnerabilities and risks, to implement security mitigation measures, and to audit plans and organisations.