Monthly Intelligence Reports

Monthly Intelligence Report

The most recent issue of our monthly intelligence report covers incidents that took place between 1 and 30 November 2019 in three focus regions: West Africa, the western part of the Indian Ocean (including the Persian Gulf) and South East Asia.


In the assessment part, the main incidents are put into a broader context to highlight potential changes to current threat levels for maritime operations. Moreover, the report includes forecasts that cover the main concerns in the coming weeks.


The focus topic in this edition is the threat to maritime operations in the southern part of the Red Sea. This section includes a concise analysis of events in recent years and how these were often linked to the land-based conflict in Yemen. It also provides important background information to understand potential future threats, particularly if the ongoing peace talks between Houthi and Saudi representatives are not successful.

The monthly report is a document of about 20 pages.


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