Marketplace June 2019 Offer

Easy Access to Port Security Information with Risk Intelligence Marketplace

The Risk Intelligence Marketplace

The Risk Intelligence Marketplace is an area where you shop ad hoc access to risk intelligence for individual ports and terminals. Select between more than 200 ports and buy access to a specific port or terminal for a certain period. 

Using the Risk Intelligence Marketplace requires access. Just fill in below form to request access; access will be granted shortly after.  After receiving your log-in you will be able to see all available ports and terminals. Prices for access to a port or offshore terminal starts at 595 EUR for 30 days access.

Special offer in June 2019

If you buy access to a port or terminal before 30 June 2019, you will get access for 60 days, paying for 30 days only. The price of access to one port or terminal for 60 days is usually 795,- EUR while the price for access for 30 days is 595,- EUR. Buy access during June 2019 and you will get 60 days for 595,- EUR.

This offer is valid until 30 June 2019.

Request access

Fill in your details and click 'Submit' to request access to the Marketplace and make use of this great offer. Risk Intelligence reserves the right to refuse requests for access to the Marketplace. Access is not granted to private individuals, academic researchers, security companies or the media. If you apply from a private email, including hotmail or gmail, you will not be granted access.