The Risk Intelligence Marketplace is an area where you shop ad hoc products instead of a full annual subscription of the modules of the Risk Intelligence System. The products that are available in the Marketplace at the moment are ports from PortRisk. Select between more than 200 ports and buy access to intelligence for an individual port for a certain period. 

Using the Risk Intelligence Marketplace requires access. When access is granted, just log-in to the Marketplace and you will get an overview of the Risk Intelligence System and see all available ports. Just click on the port you wish to access, select the access period and follow the payment instructions. Prices for access to a port or offshore terminal starts at 595 EUR for 30 days access. 

Request access now – just fill in and submit below form. There is no requirement to purchase any products immediately when the company has been approved as a Risk Intelligence Marketplace client.

Port information

When you buy access to a port, the following information will be available:

  • Port security data about the Port (such as ISPS Security Level, Contact information, Joint War Committee listing, Foreign Flag State recommendations etc.)
  • Agencies
  • Port Threat Assessment
  • City Information
  • City Threat Assessment 
  • Security Assessment (depending on assessment level)
  • Vulnerability Assessment (depending on assessment level)
  • City Threat Assessment 

Prices from 595 EUR per port.

Request access to Marketplace

Risk Intelligence reserves the right to refuse requests for access to Marketplace. Access is not granted to private individuals, academic researchers, security companies or the media. If you apply from a private email (e.g. hotmail or gmail) you will not be granted access.