LandRisk Beta Testing

With the introduction of LandRisk, clients of the Risk Intelligence System get a complete view of all security risk intelligence relevant to transportation. Adding the land part to the existing maritime and port security modules, now provides security risk intelligence for the complete supply chain in one consolidated system with a single point of access.

The final version of LandRisk is expected to launch Q4 2019.

Beta Tester

We have recently launched a beta version of the LandRisk module which is ready for testing. The final product is expected to launch in Q3 2019, but you can already now use the first version of the product. Being a beta tester of LandRisk means that you will get free access to LandRisk from the date you get approved as beta tester and until the final product is launched.

In return we would appreciate your feedback of the LandRisk module including suggestions for improvements. Your input will enable us to tailor the final product to meet your specific requirements. Also, if you decide to subscribe to LandRisk once it is launched, as a beta tester you will get a discount on the first year’s subscription.

Fill in the contact form now to apply for LandRisk access in the beta test.

Request Access

Risk Intelligence reserves the right to refuse and sign-up requests . Access is not granted to private individuals, academic researchers, security companies or the media. If you apply from a private email, including hotmail or gmail, you may not be approved.