Risk Intelligence Exclusive Seminars

We are running exclusive seminars in different locations around the world. Our client seminars which we have run for several years will provide updates on maritime threats and security trends in areas of risk. On 1 October, we launched LandRisk and will run LandRisk focused seminars in addition to our client seminars.

The seminars are open for Risk Intelligence clients and prospects.

Upcoming events 2019

The upcoming client seminars will provide an overview of carefully chosen current maritime threats and security trends with a focus on West Africa, Asian hot-spots, Libya and Yemen.

Today’s supply chains are more extended, crossing continents and oceans, making them ever more complex and vulnerable to disruption. Disruptions can come from all directions and can all have serious consequences on your operational security. Risk cannot always be predicted and can strike at any time, resulting in disappointed clients and stalled production lines. As a result of this, Risk Intelligence has developed LandRisk. Check out the upcoming LandRisk seminars that we will run during fall 2019.