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Risk Intelligence offers a wide range of bespoke services to assist clients’ maritime security preparedness activities and to keep their employees and assets safe. Our experienced staff provide advice on how to prevent or delay threats in order to provide additional time for a proper and relevant reaction and response should a threat manifest. Such advice includes recommendations for physical counter measures, procedures, communication and drills without compromising safety or daily work routines. The services delivered to clients include reports used for decision-making, instructions and guidelines used for on-board/on-site briefings/training given to crew or management. References may be provided upon request. 


Contingency Management

The purpose of contingency management is to establish a robust and resilient organisation capable of foreseeing and handling even severe emergencies and contingencies and the potential consequences. Risk Intelligence provides a step-by-step process and has assisted clients in establishing a corporate business contingency program, planning for threat specific incidents and conducting emergency management training and exercises. We assist clients in achieving solid security preparedness, a flexible response capacity, smooth cooperation and efficient execution across the entire company. This proficiency not only reduces the number of casualties but also minimizes cost and protects the company reputation and assets. A well-defined plan will also assist in business recovery and a quick return to normal operations.

  • Contingency & Continuity Planning - Contingency/emergency planning is a bespoke process and is delivered in close cooperation with the client. An efficient emergency setup is firmly based upon ownership and Risk Intelligence will act as advisor and process-facilitator whereas the production of analysis and plans is done by the relevant resource persons within the client’s organisation. The process may include parallel/subsequent business continuity planning depending on the setup.
  • Contingency Drills & Exercise – Risk intelligence, in full cooperation with the client, develops, manages and implements various scale drills and exercises to meet the client requirements  and needs. This includes conducting drills, testing individuals or analyzing functions in a controlled and supervised manner aimed towards education and optimization of efficiency within the emergency management setup. Exercises and drills are determined based on operational needs, size time constrains and budget. Exercises and drill type include TableTop, Functional Exercises, Full Scale and Remote.
  • Corporate Consultancy - In-house consultancy includes a Risk Intelligence consultant on site (in office) to assist the development of the emergency organisation, procedures and plan. 
  • Contingency Seminars & Workshops - Seminars & workshops are bespoke activities designed to meet individualised requirements or challenges. They are conducted as briefings or presentations and may include training activities depending on scope. They are normally delivered on-site in office or shipboard.  

Other Services

Risk Intelligence offers a few highly specialised, yet bespoke, services. These services include post-incident analysis and expert witness statements to be used in court cases or for arbitration. Our staff may also advise clients on how to design new-buildings in order to minimise current and future maritime security threats. 

  • Expert Witness / Advisor - Expert witness statements for court cases or arbitration, Advisor for executive level.
  • Desk-Top Post Incident report - This incident investigation provides a basic insight into the nature of the security incident, potential causes and security failures and tentative recommendations.
  • On-board /field post-incident report of security incident with own vessel(s) - This incident investigation provides a detailed insight into the nature of the security incident, perpetrators, potential causes and security failures and tentative recommendations. This may be used for court cases and or asset recovery. 
  • Newbuilds - Risk Intelligence offers to assist the owner in the design and newbuilding phase in order to optimise the ship for future security threats from the outset.