Sedermera dagen

Watch Risk Intelligence CEO Hans Tino Hansen's presentation at Sedermeradagen 7 November

18 November 2018

On Wednesday 7 November our CEO Hans Tino Hansen, CFO Jens Krøis and Member of the Board Stig Streit Jensen attended the “Sedermeradagen” investor day at Waterfront Congress Centre in Stockholm, where Hans Tino Hansen gave a presentation about the company, our growth plans and a status on how much has been accomplished since the listing on 17 August.

You can watch the full presentation (cirka 24 min in Danish) on this video:

Highlights are:

Growth plan

  • The growth plan comes in two parts: one is to double the revenue of our existing markets by 2020 compared to 2017
  • The second is to develop, test and launch by end Q3 2019 our third module, LandRisk, that will make Risk Intelligence able to address a 10-20x bigger market and initially enable to triple the total revenue by 2020 compared to 2017
  • To reach a turnover of several hundred million DKK within 5-10 years with a EBITDA of 30% and with an increase of recurring revenue ratio from 60% to 90%, and to become the “Bloomberg” of security intelligence.
  • Implementing our growth plan includes increased operating cost base from the new initiatives and while the development costs for LandRisk are investments a number of the important milestones are involving additional costs to our operations before they are generating revenues. Subsequently as planned and as communicated, Risk Intelligence will generate negative results for 2018 and 2019.

Milestones and important developments since August:

  • LandRisk pilot projects with two major global logistical companies initiated and further pilot projects with manufacturing/industrial companies in the pipeline
  • LandRisk test version launched
  • Commercial organisation headed and build by our Sales Director Jan Michelsen completed during September and will be starting to deliver in full by Q4 2018
  • Client Portal launched which will enable sales to smaller companies or companies that only have occasional need for security intelligence on ports and therefore have been outside the target group for subscriptions. This opens access to large part of the market which we have not able to address previously and potentially doubles our potential market
  • Hiring of CFO Jens Krøis who is responsible for both finance and Investor Relations
  • Initial steps for setting up Singapore office including ongoing search process for Regional Director Asia/Managing Director Singapore
  • Major contract with U.S. Navy (SPAWAR) for subscription license for the Risk Intelligence System (MaRisk+PortRisk)
  • Risk Intelligence and Global Navigation Solutions limited (GNS) launch to the maritime and shipping markets of the Risk Intelligence System (MaRisk+PortRisk) through GNS’s Voyager HUB platform

Finally, after the Sedermeradagen investor day, we have announced significant contracts with Norient Product Pool (Risk Intelligence System and bespoke services) and DFDS (Risk Intelligence System and bespoke services).

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