Interns 2019

Two new interns at Risk Intelligence

19 September 2019

Risk Intelligence gladly welcomes Ellen Wilson and Iain McDermott, who both started early September, as interns with Risk Intelligence, and look forward to working with them for the duration of the autumn and winter 2019 internship.

Ellen has just finished her Master’s at King’s College London in Terrorism, Security, and Society with specific focus on jihadist terrorism. Before that she did her Bachelors in Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol. Ellen has dual Danish and British citizenship. She has a keen interest in the future threat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq as well as homegrown radicalisation in Western Europe. 

Iain is from Glasgow, Scotland, and recently completed a master’s degree in Security Risk Management at the University of Copenhagen. He has lived in Denmark for two years, before which he studied geography and politics at Edinburgh University. He has a keen interest in the nexus between security and geography and as well as English speaks a little Italian.

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