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Risk Intelligence A/S new issue was significantly oversubscribed

02 August 2018

On 31 July 2018, the subscription period of Risk Intelligence A/S ("Risk Intelligence") new issue of a maximum of DKK 12 million prior to listing on Spotlight Stock Market ("Spotlight") was completed. Risk Intelligence received subscription for a total of approximately DKK 45.6 million including subscription commitments, corresponding to a total subscription ratio of approximately 379.6 percent and a public subscription ratio of approximately 771.2 percent. The subscription was made by a total of 1,772 individual subscribers. 

Subscription and allotment
The public portion of the new issue of DKK 5 million (total issue of DKK 12 million minus subscription commitments of DKK 7 million) was subscribed by approximately DKK 38.6 million (full subscription of DKK 45.6 million minus subscription commitments of DKK 7 million), corresponding to approximately 771.2 percent.

Due to the extensive interest, allotment takes place by random selection (i.e. lottery) in accordance with the allocation principles as stated in the memorandum. The public portion of DKK 5 million will be distributed in minimum portions of 700 shares at a price of 6.25 DKK per share, corresponding to 4,375 DKK per allocation to a total of 1,142 new shareholders out of the total number of subscribers of 1,772. This way, the maximum number of new shares, 1,920,000 in total, will be issued, and Risk Intelligence will receive DKK 12,000,000 before cost related to the issue of approximately DKK 1,17 million.

Settlement notes are scheduled to be sent to all allotted shareholders today, 2 August, 2018. Subscribers that do not get an allocation of shares will not receive a settlement note.

CEO and founder Hans Tino Hansen:
"When I was presented with the idea to take our IPO to the market in the middle of the summer period I was initially rather hesitant. After all, this had not been done before, but our advisors presented us with a strong market strategy and we decided to proceed. On this background I am particularly proud and humble to realize that our new issue has attracted such a great interest and that we now can welcome so many new shareholders. At the same time, it is unfortunate that we were unable to allocate shares to all parties who subscribed for shares in the new issue. Had it been possible, we would of course have accommodated all subscriptions. To those of you that receive less than what you subscribed for – or nothing for that matter – I can only apologize. I hope that you will be able and willing to join and acquire shares in the market after we start trading 17 August 2018. In any case, I would like to extend my gratitude to all who subscribed to the new issue and to all parties who made this possible including Sedermera Fondkommission, Gemstone Capital and Nordnet. This provides us with an excellent start in our new life as a public company as well as financing for the next step in our business plan, including launch of the LandRisk module in the Risk Intelligence System."

Procedure for allotment of shares
If the number of subscribers in the new share issue is exceeding the possible number of shareholders, and thus making it impossible to allocate each subscriber the minimum amount of shares, as per the terms and conditions in the memorandum, allotment of shares will be decided by drawing of lots. This is a computerised process which relies on algorithms that randomly execute the drawing of lots and will be executed by Sedermera as issuing agent in the new share issue.

Listing on Spotlight Stock Market
The first day of trading in Risk Intelligences shares on Spotlight is expected to be 17 August, 2018. Risk Intelligences shares will be traded under the label "RISK" and with ISIN code DK0061031978.

Number of shares and share capital
When Risk Intelligence's new issue has been registered with the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen), the total number of shares will amount to 7,669,140 shares and the share capital amounts to 766,914 DKK.

Flagging in Sandbjerg Holding ApS
Due to the newly issued new issue, flagging for Sandbjerg Holding ApS occurs. Sandbjerg Holding ApS's ownership amounted to approximately 51 percent of shares and capital in the company prior to the new issue and, after the completion of the new issue, amounts to approximately 39 percent of the shares and capital in the company.

Financial advisor
Sedermera Fondkommission is financial advisor in connection to the IPO and the listing at Spotlight. Nordnet Bank AB was the selling agent and Gemstone Capital is the marketing advisor in Denmark.

For further information about the IPO and the listing, please contact:

Sedermera Fondkommission
Telephone: +46 (0) 40-615 14 10
E-mail: info@sedermera.se

For further information about Risk Intelligence, please contact:

Hans Tino Hansen, CEO
Telephone: +45 7026 6230
E-mail: info@riskintelligence.eu

Web page and social media:

Web page: www.riskintelligence.eu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/riskstaff
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/risk-intelligence
Facebook: www.facebook.com/riskstaff

This information is information that Risk Intelligence A/S is obliged to publish in accordance the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the contact person above for publication on 2 August 2018.

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