Report from the Annual General Meeting of Risk Intelligence A/S

Risk Intelligence A/S ("Risk Intelligence") held on 17 April 2020, the Annual General Meeting. Below are the minutes of the meeting.

20 April 2020

Friday 17 April 2020 at 10 am, the Annual General Meeting in Risk Intelligence A/S was held at the Company office location, Strandvejen 100, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark. The following was conducted, adopted and recorded according to the agenda sent out to the shareholders on 26 March 2020:

  1. Election of chairman of the meeting

    Attorney at law Sune Westrup was elected as chairman of the meeting.

    The chairman of the meeting noted that the general meeting had been lawfully convened according to the articles of association.

    It was unanimously adopted to conduct the general meeting in Danish.
  2. The management’s report on the company’s activities in the past year.

    CEO Hans Tino Hansen presented the management’s report on the company’s activities in the past year.

    Download presentation
  3. Submission of the audited annual report for adoption.

    CFO Jens Krøis presented the annual report for 2019 and provided a number of comments relating the report. 

    The audited annual report for 2019 was adopted.
  4. Resolution on the appropriation of profit or covering of loss according to the adopted annual report.

    It was adopted to carry forward the result of 2019.
  5. Proposals from the board of directors and the shareholders.

    a) It was proposed to authorize the board of directors to issue up to in total 600,000 new warrants, each warrant providing a subscription right for one share of DKK 0.10 against payment of DKK 3.00, for a period of 5 years expiring on 17th April 2025 and to amend article 3.7 of the articles accordingly. It was accordingly proposed to amend the articles of association and to grant attorney at law Sune Westrup power of attorney to file the amended articles for registration.

    The proposal was adopted.

    b) No proposals were submitted by the shareholders.
  6. Election of members to the board of directors. 

    The current members of the board of directors were all reelected:

    Jan Holm 
    Stig Streit Jensen
    Jens Lorens Poulsen
    Jens Otto Holst
    Hans Tino Hansen 
  7. Election of auditors. 

    Baker Tilly was reelected as auditors for the company.
  8. Proposal for decharge for the board of directors and CEO. 

    Proposal of decharge for the board of directors and CEO was adopted.
  9. Any other proposals from the management and the shareholders. 

    No other proposals or issues were submitted.

The general meeting was adjourned at 10.30 am.


Copenhagen, on 17 April 2020

attorney at law Sune Westrup
chairman of the meeting 


For further information about Risk Intelligence, please contact:

Hans Tino Hansen, CEO
Jens Krøis, CFO
Telephone: +45 7026 6230

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Risk Intelligence A/S was founded in 2001 by Hans Tino Hansen. The company has evolved to become a prominent company in security risk management by delivering threat and risk assessments worldwide. Risk Intelligence operates and assists customers and partners from headquarters located north of Copenhagen, the office in Singapore as well as through representatives in Europe, Asia and North America. The business has been designed with international scalability in mind and the company is globally regarded as an expert in its field. Risk Intelligence provides the ‘Risk Intelligence System (MaRisk + PortRisk + LandRisk)’ which is a digital platform that allows clients to monitor global security risks and enables them to plan and implement missions in risk areas. Risk Intelligence is listed on the Spotlight Stock market [RISK].

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