Lisbeth Skjødt

Lisbeth Skjødt in memoriam (1965-2020)

Lisbeth Skjødt (27 March 1965 – 17 April 2020)

20 April 2020

It is with great sadness that I must announce that Lisbeth Skjødt, Risk Intelligence’s Admin and Communication manager since 2010, and my good friend, has passed away. She had been managing her illness for many years, which was never thought to be life threatening. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated rapidly after complications developed and she was taken from us, in an untimely fashion, last Friday evening.

Lisbeth has been a vital person for Risk Intelligence, where she was part of the early development of the Company. She was pivotal in the organisation where, in those early days, she took care of all administration, bookkeeping, accounts payable and system and user administration. All this whilst simultaneously taking responsibility for developing the second version of MaRisk and later the new platform in 2015, as well as being instrumental in all later versions. Typically for her, and even if she knew the gravity of her health situation, she continued to work during the last week from the hospice, without informing me or any other colleagues. 

She was a kind, loving and very caring person, because of this warmth she made sure she looked after our colleagues who were far from the head office in Denmark. As an example, those in North America were cared for as though they were in Copenhagen, Lisbeth made sure that they got special treats for Christmas and when visiting the office. She will be missed dearly throughout the Organisation and held in very fond memory by all who worked with her. There is no doubt that she will be remembered not only by us, but also by all the literally hundreds of clients she assisted during the years. It is a great loss on a personal level for many of us and a great loss for the Company. Her legacy will stay with us forever.

She will be put to rest soon with only her closest family around her, but they will arrange for a wider ceremony at the end of the Summer when the current restrictions hopefully have been lifted.

My thoughts go to her family, all her friends and colleagues.

May she rest in peace 

Hans Tino Hansen
CEO and Founder

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