21 April 2018

Port Facility Security Plan (ISPS)

The port facility security assessment (PFSA), within the framework of ISPS, are an essential and integral part of the process of developing and/or updating the port facility security plan.

The purpose of the port facility security plan is to establish:

  • Measures designed to prevent weapons or any other dangerous substances and devices intended for use against persons, ships or ports and the carriage of which is not authorized, from being introduced into the port facility or on board a ship;
  • Measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to the port facility, to ships moored at the facility, and to restricted areas of the facility;
  • Procedures for responding to security threats or breaches of security, including provisions for maintaining critical operations of the port facility or ship/port interface;
  • Procedures for responding to any security instructions the Contracting Government, in whose territory the port facility is located, may give at security level 3;
  • Procedures for evacuation in case of security threats or breaches of security;
  • Duties of port facility personnel assigned security responsibilities and of other facility personnel on security aspects;
  • Procedures for interfacing with ship security activities;
  • Procedures for the periodic review of the plan and updating;
  • Procedures for reporting security incidents;
  • Identification of the port facility security officer including 24-hour contact details;
  • Measures to ensure the security of the information contained in the plan;
  • Measures designed to ensure effective security of cargo and the cargo handling equipment at the port facility;
  • Procedures for auditing the port facility security plan;
  • Procedures for responding in case the ship security alert system of a ship at the port facility has been activated; and
  • Procedures for facilitating shore leave for shipís personnel or personnel changes, as well as access of visitors to the ship including representatives of seafarersí welfare and labour organizations. Identification

The Port facility Security assessment and plan meets the international requirements in the ISPS code and local national authorities.


  • Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP)


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