21 April 2018

Port Facility Security Assessment (ISPS)

The port facility security assessment (PFSA), within the framework of ISPS, are an essential and integral part of the process of developing and/or updating the port facility security plan.

The purpose of the port facility security assessment is following:

  • Identification and evaluation of important assets and infrastructure it is important to protect;

  • Identification of possible threats to the assets and infrastructure and the likelihood of their occurrence, in order to establish and prioritize security measures;

  • Identification, selection and prioritization of countermeasures and procedural changes and their level of effectiveness in reducing vulnerability; and

  • Identification of weaknesses, including human factors, in the infrastructure, policies and procedures.

 The Port facility Security assessment and plan meets the international requirements in the ISPS code and local national authorities.


  • Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA) report


For more information

Please contact Project Director Stefan Nonboe, Risk Intelligence, +45 7026 6230.