21 April 2018

Contingency drills & exercises (office, shipboard)

  • Drills, testing individuals or functions in a controlled and supervised manner. This is an educational activity aimed at optimising efficiency to act within the emergency management setup.
  • Table top exercises, allowing the emergency management team to practice the full range of the emergency response plan within a controlled and low-stress environment. This activity includes a walk-through of one or more emergency response processes as well as discussions of best practices.
  • Functional exercises tests the full range of a number of associated activities and requires the participants to act in accordance with their roles and responsibilities in a semi-complex setup. A functional exercise includes activation of selected elements of the emergency response plan, components and participants.
  • Full scale exercises test all elements of the emergency response plan for accuracy and effectiveness. Full scale exercises are complex, scenario based events that seek to duplicate an actual emergency in order to test the functional capacity of the emergency response setup in a near real-time environment where the participants experience what they would most likely meet in a real emergency.