21 April 2018

PGS Vessel transit through Gulf of Aden

  • Pre-transit security survey and risk assessment
  • On-board implementation and bridge advisory services (during transit)


Project description

Based on a long standing relationship the seismic company awarded Risk Intelligence a contract for a Ship Security Survey and a Security Risk Assessment for their seismic vessel for a west to east transit through the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea.

Based on the outcome of the risk assessment, the company asked Risk Intelligence to provide advice for implementing the recommended crew self-protection and for providing bridge advisory services during the transit

Risk Intelligence carried out a 2-day Ship Security Survey four weeks before the scheduled transit, while the vessel was in production offshore North Africa. Two bridge advisors embarked in Gibraltar and Suez respectively and carried out the following on-board tasks:

  • Voyage planning based on weather and piracy patterns
  • Registration with MSCHOA and maintained daily reporting to UKMTO.
  • Briefing of the bridge team and the crew on vessel types in the Horn of Africa region, piracy patterns and proposed self-defence measures.
  • Conducted and evaluated a simulated pirate attack and evasive manoeuvring using the ship’s fast rescue craft.
  • Based on recommendations made in the survey, supervised and assisted with the implementation of physical hardening measures.
  • Planned, in collaboration with the master and SSO, anti-piracy procedures and rehearsed them prior to transit, including: enhanced bridge watch and bridge response (actions-on and communications) including casualty evacuation; anti-piracy safe muster procedure; evasive manoeuvring; ship darkening.
  • Maintained a surface threat picture by evaluating attack and sighting reports and by monitoring VHF traffic, especially in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

The vessel completed her transit successfully without incident. 


“It was money well spent by PGS.”
- Ramform Sterling Master