4 December 2016
Info | 17 Nov 2016

Anniversary: 10th renewal for MaRisk for a number of Risk Intelligence clients


The end of the year marks an important milestone for Risk Intelligence and for a number of our clients as it is the 9th time they are renewing their MaRisk subscription license - and the 10th time including the first sign up.

Some of these clients were with us from an earlier stage and were part of the initial development process back in 2007/2008. Likewise, they again took part in the development of the new Risk Intelligence System. This process led to the launch of PortRisk in October 2015 and the new MaRisk in April this year.

 This anniversary tells me that we must have been doing something right over the years. Well done by the Risk Intelligence staff, who has been pivotal in operating and developing the solution to keep our clients safe. I would also like to thank our clients and partners for their longtime commitment and important feedback - without our close cooperation, Risk Intelligence would not be where we are today. I trust that we will have many more years of cooperation in front of us.

For more information about the Risk Intelligence System (MaRisk+PortRisk) please visit https://new.riskintelligence.eu/ ;

News | 05 Aug 2016

Risk Intelligence launches new weekly Turkey ports & terminals threat assessment report


This week on Tuesday 2 August Risk Intelligence launched the weekly Turkey ports & terminals threat assessment report.

Risk Intelligence started this spring to produce a country threat assessment for Turkey on the Risk Intelligence System and eight ports are being added to the System (PortRisk).

Due to client requets, we also prepared the launch of a weekly report (similar to our weekly Libya and Yemen reports). The weekly report covers 12 ports and the Bosphorus.

The report will be published every Tuesday end of business.

For more information please contact us via the contact forn. 

Press release | 22 Jun 2016

Risk Intelligence launches new service providing overview of operational and regulatory risks of privately contracted maritime security in West Africa


Maritime operations in West Africa are affected by threats from piracy and other maritime crime. It is very complex to get an overview of the different types of maritime security provisions that are legal in the countries throughout the region. Risk Intelligence now provides this insight with a new service, including reports with an overview of the use of private and government security in 18 countries in the region.

Risk Intelligence CEO Hans Tino Hansen: “We have provided security analysis for West Africa for more than 10 years. It has always been a complex area with many different types of threats and many different types of security risk mitigation and legal frameworks. This service and the new report provides a clear and comprehensive overview that many maritime operators have been asking for.”

The new report provides a concise overview of operational and regulatory risks related to the use of additional security services in West Africa. The report covers the use of armed guards and escort vessels provided by private maritime security companies or government security forces as well as additional protection services such as secure anchorages or areas for STS operations.

Colour-coded tables for every country provide a quick overview of the current situation in 18 countries from Senegal to Angola. Moreover, brief assessments of the efficiency of specific security services against the main threats, which maritime operators have to face in the respective region, are included. Overall, the report is a valuable tool for conducting the necessary due diligence prior to contracting additional security services for operations in the region.

In addition, clients will have access to Risk Intelligence’s West Africa specialists for questions related to the report, which will be updated every six months.

"Attempts to transfer the Indian Ocean PMSC model to West Africa have created problems for ship operators, who were made to believe that the solutions involving the use of government security forces on board their ships was "legal" or "approved" and provided the necessary level of security. In many countries in West Africa this is not the case, says Dirk Steffen, Director Maritime Security and head of West Africa Analysis at Risk Intelligence

For questions, please contact:

Dirk Steffen, Director Maritime Security      +45 70 26 62 30

Hans Tino Hansen, CEO                             +45 70 26 62 30 

News | 20 Jun 2016

Strategic Insights Arctic special edition


The special Arctic edition of Risk Intelligence's Strategic Insights (no. 61) has been made available for free download in connection with the Kiel Conference 21 June 2016 "Cool Dispassion or Hot-Button Topic - The High North".

Briefing | 08 Jun 2016

Risk Intelligence publishes a brief Guide to Niger Delta Groups 2016


The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) are Nigeria’s “new” Niger Delta militancy phenomenon. They have issued challenges to the Nigerian government, international oil companies and the military. Within a span of less than 3 months they are believed to be primarily responsible for reducing Nigeria’s oil production from a (theoretical) 2.2m barrels per day to around 1.4m barrels per day by the end of May 2016.

Risk Intelligence's brief "Guide to militant, ex-militant and activist groups in the Niger Delta" gives an overview of the most relevant militant and activits groups that are politically and militarily active in the first half of 2016, their agendas, operating areas and potential links amongst each other.

Please download a free copy: 

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