19 February 2018

Piracy & Robbery e-learning

Essential guidelines & advice for seafarers

The program consists of 15 short documentaries, which deal with all aspects of piracy – from preparing a vessel for sailing in high risk areas to survival strategies during piracy attacks, as well as being in a hostage situation.

The use of real seafarers and realistic scenarios in the films makes the program relevant for all seafarers working in any maritime high-risk area.

The program is interactive and each film concludes with a multiple-choice questionnaire, which offers the seafarer a chance to test his new knowledge. Should other questions arise then the program offers the possibility to download detailed written information on each subject.

Unique e-learning program for seafarers

An extensive and interactive e-learning and instruction program tutoring seafarers how to handle the psychological consequences of a piracy or robbery attack, including the worst-case scenario of being taken hostage.

The films utilise military experts and crisis psychologists, as well as several seafarers who have been held hostage. It’s an interactive learning programme, which offers more than facts and dull graphics on a monitor.

The films show reconstructions with actors as well as interviews with real seafarers and this combination has created intense and realistic portrayals of hostage situations.

Development and First-Hand Experience

The program is a result of close cooperation and development between four Danish companies.

  • Maersk Tankers and Eitzen Chemical: major shipping companies with a long history of operations in high-risk areas.
  • B-film: experienced in making award-winning documentaries about people who make a difference in the real world.
  • Risk Intelligence: provider of consulting services to private and governmental clients on security threats and risks in the maritime environment.

All companies have had experience in handling and being directly involved in cases of hijacking and robbery of ships.

This also applies for all the individuals interviewed for the program, with some having first-hand experience in robbery and hijacking situations. 

For more information and trial

Please contact Project Director Stefan Nonboe, Risk Intelligence, +45 7026 6230.