21 April 2018


Risk Intelligence offers to assist the owner in the design and newbuilding phase in order to optimise the ship for future security threats already from the outset. Threats and future (anticipated) threats with a view to the vessel’s deployment to e.g. West Africa, but also including the possibility of a transit through the Gulf of Aden.

A proposed security concept within which physical countermeasures should be taken.

Potential and recommended security measures that can be adopted for the ship. These may include:

  • measures that are inherent, involve little or no effort;
  • measures that require identification of technical requirements and/or where further study is necessary to assess viability of including the measures in the design;
  • measures that cannot be included or that may be retrofitted more economically at a later stage.
  • Evaluation of impact of security measures on the ship’s overall security posture.