19 February 2018

Anti-piracy awareness training and intelligence support for specialty vessel transit

  • Train crew in piracy awareness and evasive maneuvering previous to deployment
  • Facilitate an internal revision of ship’s security plans and preparedness
  • Support for situational awareness using MaRisk


Project description

Risk Intelligence and Marstal Navigationsskole (MARNAV) has developed an anti-piracy course, utilizing full mission bridge simulators. Based on this concept, Risk Intelligence and MARNAV was approached by the Danish ferry service FÆRGEN. FÆRGEN was planning the transit of their new-building LEONORA CHRISTINA. The vessel is the largest catamaran built to date by the Australian ship builder Austral. Since the vessel would be sailed from Australia to Denmark by the daily crew, FÆRGEN needed to prepare them for facing the risk of piracy in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.

The vessel is very fast with a cruising speed of 38 KTS but is built of aluminium. Based on the vessel’s special properties and the unique nature of the transit, Risk Intelligence and MARNAV designed a two-day course with a mix of class room teaching, workshops and simulator anti-piracy scenarios. The course had the following aims:

  • Provide the background knowledge on Somali piracy to a vessel crew to ensure appropriate crew awareness for the transit.
  • Provide an understanding of Somali piracy patterns and pirate vessel recognition.
  • Provide an understanding of pirate tactics and modus operandi with the aid of scenarios and simulation
  • Provide basic knowledge about tactical countermeasures and hardening of vessel
  • Provide basic skills for making and updating risk assessments and evaluating own countermeasures against an evolving piracy threat based on the own vessel’s performance and operating characteristics
  • Provide an understanding of information gathering, synthesis and situational awareness for own avoidance measures.



The course was conducted by two Risk Intelligence consultants and MARNAV’s Short Course Department simulator crew. The course was well received by the participants and FÆRGEN, resulting in a revision of the existing plan. The crew emphasized that the course had put the risk assessment in perspective and provided the situational awareness needed.

During the transit, Risk Intelligence provided LEONONARA CHRISTINA and FÆRGEN’s shore side security organization with access to MaRisk, including fleet tracking, to support the company’s ongoing threat assessment.