21 April 2018

Organised crime

Criminal activities relevant to the model include a wide range of areas with illegal (sometimes in combination with legal) ventures for financial gain. The activities include smuggling, human trafficking, theft, robbery, drugs and arms running, counterfeit and fraud.

Organised crime definition

A non-ideological enterprise that involves a number of persons in close social interaction organised on a hierarchical basis for the purpose of securing profit and power by engaging in illegal and legal activities. Positions in the hierarchy and positions involving functional specialisation may be assigned according to skill. Permanency is assumed by the members who strive to keep the enterprise integral and active in pursuit of goals. It eschews competition and strives for monopoly over particular activities on an industry or territorial basis. There is willingness to use violence and/or bribery to achieve ends or maintain discipline. Membership is restricted, although non-members may be involved on a contingency basis.