21 April 2018

Intelligence analysis methodology

Risk Intelligence applies an intelligence driven analytical methodology, which is based on the “Intelligence Circle”. Intelligence is information verified and analysed, and turned into an assessment of the topic at hand.

In addition, Risk Intelligence undertakes its own research into the four mentioned areas as well as into the role and development of intelligence.

Risk assessment methodology

The security risk assessment process is based on an established industry risk assessment methodology based on the Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management Standard. It maps a specific threat assessment - focused on the most likely threat scenarios, e.g. a hijacking near Somalia - against the vessel’s (or operation’s) vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The outcome is then presented qualitatively and semi-quantitatively in a matrix, which can be adapted to the owner’s, operator’s or customer’s risk acceptance criteria.

The recommendations provided on how to reduce the risks are developed for each assessment report and are thus focused on specific threats (and threat scenarios), assets and consequence criteria. Recommendations are furthermore given to a sufficient level of detail to enable the company or ship to implement specific training, procedures or exercises, and to procure accurately specified material – if necessary - with guidance on its installation for best risk mitigation effect.